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"Eclipse""Lamb""Easter""Able""For our Families""Rebirth 1""Rebirth 2""Unite""Bedtime""Gone Bananas""Sticks and Stones; See""Sticks and Stones; Speak""Offers""Non-stop Night""Non-stop Day""Dance Party""Bravery Quilt""What is Safety""Ever Was""Which Way?""See""Serenity 1""Serenity 2""Serenity 3""Ride""Deep Dive 1""Deep Dive 2""Lost""Found""Betterfly""Make Art""Righty Tighty""Lefty Loosey""Detached""Time of Life""Sunflower Marriage""Keep Calm""Carry On""Fortune Cookie""Faith""Heaven on Earth""Isaiah 30:21""Float""For Eyes""Stop and Go" Series 1"Stop and Go" Series 2"Insight""Celebration Out of Darkness #1""Celebration Out of Darkness #2""H" of "Heal" Series"E" of "Heal" Series"A" of "Heal" Series"L" of "Heal" Series"Recall""Tibia/Fibula Fracture""More, More of Me I See""No More Ideas of Reference""Self, and Self Portrait""Lake""Us""Religious Abstraction""Life on the Fence""Headache""Got the Touch""Skinned with my Peeps""Be Mine""Bang Head""Color the Happening""Lock-Unlock""Breathe"BrainstormIt rains CornLoveOf the WayThe FightPrayer for HealingCollage SeriesCollage Series"Not Ever""Brainstorm Glue Series 2""Brainstorm Glue Series""Collage Series""Collage Series""Collage Series""Collage Series"Collage SeriesCollage SeriesCollage SeriesRecovery is my Constant""Everyday Rarities""Balance of a Floral Bushel"Self Portrait of a Psyche"Manic Circus Confusion""Time of Signs""Shoe Dreams""Self Portrait with Angels""Marriage Psyche""Sleeping Dogs Lie""Revelation""Self Portrait with Dots""Self Portrait""I Better Fly""I see Lambs on Santa""A little tray of Whoop""Divine Falsehoods""Self Portrait with Deer""Flower Bed Series""Bed of Flowers""Fit to Be" Series 4"Fit to Be" Series 3"Fit to Be" Series 2"Fit to Be" Series 1"4 of me; Bonsai Tree""Little Girl""Symbolic Love""Creation Tree""Med Adjustment""Faith and Darkness""Torn Reality""Spirituality""Square Collage #4""Brainstorm Glue 4""Don't Give Up""Remember Life Chains""Dictionary and Healing""Totem Pole Portrait""Episode with Delusions""Better Keep Flying"
My artwork incorporates dilemmas of the psyche. Working with a Mental Illness myself, it makes sense for the viewer to see these fueled conflicts composed and various materials and techniques chosen. Child-like, candy-coated plays with visual language occur frequently in each piece. The images are re-appropriated and form compositions that take on adult themes and psychological stories. The artwork tends to be about indulgence, an appetite for multiple associations. It embraces the paradoxical, like when emotional life takes on a new skin and becomes concrete. I strive to have my viewer question the correspondence between narratives and their own emotional associations within the artwork.